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The Festival of the Russian cinema closes in Niort

In French city of Niort the Festival of the Russian Cinema was closed. The founders of the association of the French-Russian Freindship EDA.FR Alina Tur-Efimova and Jean-Marc Barch, being big fans of Russian culture, suggested organizing film showings – cinema is a universal « language », it is available and clear to everyone. Gosfilmofond of Russian and the French-Russian association « Perspertiva » welcomed the initiative – that is how the First Festival of Russian Cinema was created in Deux-Sevres department.

The topic of the festival was the period of the 50s of the XX century. Most significant films of that period were shown – « The Cranes Are Flying » by Mikhail Kalatozov, « Fourty first » by georgiy Chukhray, « Spring on Zarechnaya Street » by Marlen Khutsiev, « Stilyagi » by Valeriy Todorovskiy and many other films.

During the evening, dedicated to Marina Vladi, the audience watched French-Swedish film « The Blond Witch » (1955) by Andre Michel, themed on the novel by Aleksandr Kuprin « Olesya ». The greates suprise of the festival was the presence of Marina Vladi herself – her figure has been taken for a united symbol of France and Russia for many years already. The acrtress also brought to Niort her books « Vladimir or Interrupted Flight » and « 24 frames a second ». Mss. Vladi communicated with admirers with pleasure and gave authographs as keepsakes.

The Festival of the Russian Cinema ended with the concert of Dasha Baskakova, French-Russian actrees and singer, pianist and composer. With the accomponiment of drummer Simon Renaud, she performed her own compositions. Dasha also performed several songs for the film « Stilyagi » and « A Cruel Romance », paying her tribute to the Russion Cinema.

The festival was held on parterns’ money completely, but, seeing a great success of the event, the representative of the city coucil Kristel Shasan stated, that she was ready to give financial support for the organization of the Second Festival of the Russian Cinema in Niort.

The organizers of the festival expressed deep gratitude to Gosfilmofond of Russia and the representative of Gosfilmofond in the South France Oleg Agishkin, as well as to the management of the Cinema SJR and personally to its director Pascal Monnier. 

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