Federal State Cultural Institution
The founder and owner of Gosfilmofond assets is Russian Federation
A particularly valuable object of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation

Festival Center

Festival Film Center is the center where the famous Beliye Stolby Film Festival is conducted. It is located on the Gosfilmofond of Russia territory surrounded by tall trees which adds a special charm to the residence here

One of the components of the Film Center is a hotel with 136 rooms. The hotel has single, double and suite rooms. The hotel welcomes its guests in the atmosphere of peace and benevolence. A friendly hotel staff provides the comfortable residence for all guests.

The guests of the Festival Film Center can visit the sauna, spa bath, swimming pool and billiards. In addition, the Center has a solarium, vacuum massage bath and dental office.

In a separate building you can find a screening room optimized for 250 people. The room has modern equipment for films in various formats projection and a high-quality sound reproduction system. Screening room is a spacious facility which perfectly suits for great events conduction.

Both of these buildings are connected with each other by the Good Thoughts Path the walking through which will immerse each foot-passenger into the atmosphere of an elfin forest.

The Festival Film Center is always glad to see new guests and is waiting for everyone within its wall!

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