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  • 27.04.2015

    "Triumph Over Violence" in Vienna
  • 23.04.2015

    The Festival of the Russian cinema closes in Niort
  • 22.04.2015

    The celebration of the Victory Day in Marseille
  • 16.04.2015

    Austrian children watch Russian animated film about dogs-cosmonauts
  • 15.04.2015

    The Festival of the Russian Cinema starts in Niort
  • 14.04.2015

    Gosfilmofond stages film events in Belarus
  • 09.04.2015

    The first festival of the Russian cinema in Niort
  • 07.04.2015

    The showing of the film "Mimino" takes place in Lyon
  • 06.04.2015

    The Festival of the Russia Cinema takes place in Greece
  • 02.04.2015

    The Festival of the New Italian cinema N.I.C.E.
  • 30.03.2015

    The film "Tomorrow Was a War" is shown in Paris
  • 24.03.2015

    The showing of "Hamlet" in Vienna
  • 24.03.2015

    Luhansk and Krasnodon watch chronicles of Gosfilmofond
  • 16.03.2015

    The showing of the extremely popular film "The Queen of Gypsies" in Lion
  • 06.03.2015

    Marseille host XX Festival of Russian Cinema and Theatre
  • 03.03.2015

    Marseille hosts the III Festival of Russian Schools
  • 02.03.2015

    The Russian Cinema Club starts working in Vienna
  • 22.02.2015

    The showing of the "Ballad of a Soldier" to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War in Austria
  • 17.02.2015

    The Russian Cinema Club opens in Vienna
  • 16.02.2015

    Days of Russian cinema in Marseille
  • 16.02.2015

    The first Japanese colour film is found in Gosfilmofond
  • 12.02.2015

    Cooperation agreement with colleagues from Abkhazia
  • 09.02.2015

    The festival “Kino Russe” ends in France
  • 06.02.2015

    The showing of a film about the traveler Élisée Reclus in Marseille
  • 04.02.2015

    A retrospective "Avant-garde from Leningrad" starts in Helsinki
  • 28.01.2015

    Russian spiritual cinema is presented in Marseille
  • 26.01.2015

    "Jack Frost" is shown in France
  • 16.01.2015

    Events dedicated to the victims of the Armenian genocide of 1915 is taking place in Marseille
  • 15.01.2015

    Commemoration meeting on Armenian genocide in France
  • 11.01.2015

    Russian New Years’ matinee for children takes place in Marseille
  • 09.01.2015

    Gosfilmofond discovers a fragment of an American film "Sea Shore Shapes"
  • 07.01.2015

    Citizens of Lyon watch "Evenings on a Farm Nigh to Dikanka"
  • 30.12.2014

    Nikolay Borodachev takes part in a plenary session of the Union of Cinematographers
  • 22.12.2014

    The Festival "Beliye Stolbi-2015"
  • 17.12.2014

    The Letter of Gratitude to Gosfilmofond from the ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Austria
  • 12.12.2014

    The letter of gratitude from People’s Artists of Russia Gennadiy Yukhtin 
  • 04.12.2014

    Viennese film emphases
  • 03.12.2014

    Days of Russian cinema run in Vienna
  • 01.12.2014

    The letter of gratitude to Gosfilmofond from the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia
  • 28.11.2014

    Days of Russian cinema in Vienna
  • 25.11.2014

    Peter Greenaway shows his films in Crimea
  • 19.11.2014

    Gosfilmofond presented its work during the film festival in Minsk
  • 17.11.2014

    The festival of military-patriotic films opens in Volokolamsk
  • 14.11.2014

    Nikolay Borodachev gives the Italian magazine Il Mattino the interview
  • 14.11.2014

    Vienna shows Russian film about the World War I
  • 10.11.2014

    France celebrated the Emil Loteanu birthday
  • 05.11.2014

    XXI International Film Festival "Listapad" takes place in Minsk
  • 29.10.2014

    The first International films Festival "Golden Tower" ran in Ingushetia
  • 28.10.2014

    The film by Oksana Bychkova won the capital prize of the festival "La Roche-Sur-Yon"
  • 17.10.2014

    Italy saw silent films by Yakov Protazanov
  • 15.10.2014

    The festival "Cinema of Friends" ended in Greece
  • 13.10.2014

    The results of the festival of military historical films in Abkhazia
  • 09.10.2014

    Gosfilmofond will help to open a film studio in Abkhazia
  • 07.10.2014

    III International Film Forum "Cinema of Friends"
  • 07.10.2014

    "Provence-Russia" Association opens season in France
  • 01.10.2014

    Gosfilmofond will hand all Georgian films stored in its archives over to Georgia
  • 01.10.2014

    Photo report from the Second Festival of Russian Films in Nice
  • 25.09.2014

    A retrospective of Georgian Films opened in New York
  • 25.09.2014

    Letter of gratitude from the Pacific Film Archive
  • 24.09.2014

    "Leviathan" by Zvyagentsev opened the Festival of Russian Cinema in Nice
  • 22.09.2014

    Retrospective of François Truffaut in "Illuzion"
  • 19.09.2014

    A festival of military historical films in Abkhazia
  • 11.09.2014

    A delegation from Cuba visited Gosfilmofond
  • 10.09.2014

    A week of Cuban films in Moscow
  • 10.09.2014

    Belie Stolby will celebrate the 115th anniversary
  • 08.09.2014

    The Scientific Research Institute for Film Art will host a conference about World War I
  • 01.09.2014

    Masterpieces of Soviet animation in Brittany
  • 29.08.2014

    The festival of Russian films was held in Mongolia
  • 26.08.2014

    The film "Walking the Streets of Moscow" is nominated for Venezia Classici
  • 26.08.2014

    Star Wars are in the list of films recommended by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
  • 25.08.2014

    Fundraising for those affected by the Ukrainian conflict
  • 21.08.2014

    Days of Russian cinema in Serbia
  • 18.08.2014

    The acknowledgement from the Librarian of Congress
  • 18.08.2014

    Gosfilmofond of Russia will hand 12 documentary films to Abkhazia
  • 15.08.2014

    The Photo Report from the Festival "Masterpieces of Russian cinema legacy" in Switzerland
  • 11.08.2014

    Gerard Depardieu presented a new film at the film festival in Vyborg
  • 07.08.2014

    Masterpieces of Russian cinema in Ticino
  • 31.07.2014

    The Cinema "Illusion" Shows Restored Stereoscopic Films
  • 30.07.2014

    The Strasburg Film Club Closed a Series of Showings about the Romanovs
  • 28.07.2014

    "Treasures of the Russian cinema legacy" festival programme
  • 23.07.2014

    Creative Account of the film forum "My Family and I"
  • 21.07.2014

    Tokyo National Film Center Representative Visits Gosfilmofond
  • 15.07.2014

    The Photo Report from the First Film Forum "My family and I" in Crimea
  • 12.07.2014

    Gerard Depardieu is Again in Mordovia
  • 11.07.2014

    Free Access to the National Documentary Masterpieces
  • 08.07.2014

    Sevastopol Hosts the Cinematic Forum "My Family and I"
  • 07.07.2014

    Petr Aleynikovs Anniversary Celebration in Belarus
  • 24.06.2014

    Gosfilmofond events in Belarus
  • 20.06.2014

    Moscow International Film Festival Starts
  • 19.06.2014

    Russian films were shown in Vienna
  • 18.06.2014

    Nikolai Borodachev took part in joined Russian and Swiss forum
  • 17.06.2014

    Day of Memory and Grief celebration in Minsk
  • 16.06.2014

    Gosfilmofond as the supporter of the festival for children in Marseille
  • 13.06.2014

    XIII Festival "7 Art dans le 7" took place in Paris
  • 09.06.2014

    "1914 revisited" film festival opens in Belarus
  • 06.06.2014

    "Sweden Film 2014" Festival Opening
  • 29.05.2014

    The film "Stilyagi" by Valeriy Todorovski in Strasbourg
  • 28.05.2014

    The week of Russian films on the south of France
  • 19.05.2014

    Lecture on Russian fairy tales in Marseille
  • 15.05.2014

    Fanny Ardan brought "Cadences obstinées" to Russia
  • 14.05.2014

    Nikolai Borodachev had a work trip to the Presidental Library and Saint-Petersburg Administration
  • 13.05.2014

    Karel Kachyna retrospective in "Illusion" film theatre
  • 11.05.2014

    France marked 69th Anniversary of the Great Victory
  • 01.05.2014

    Vladimir Putin held a meeting with active trade unionists
  • 18.04.2014

    "Film Island of Crimea" held in the House of Cinema
  • 18.04.2014

    Photo Report from the Premier of "Atomic Bomb Explosions on the Planet Earth" by Peter Greenway
  • 15.04.2014

    Gosfilmofond Press Conference Held in RIA News
  • 14.04.2014

    Photo Report from the Opening of N.I.C.E. in Moscow
  • 10.04.2014

    Gosfilmofond Representative Takes a Business Trip to Crimea and Sevastopol
  • 10.04.2014

    Peter Greenway Will Premiere His New Film in Movie Theater "Illusion"
  • 09.04.2014

    From Gosfilmofond to Crimea
  • 04.04.2014

    The Cinema Club of Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Strasburg
  • 03.04.2014

    The Festival of New Italian Cinema in Moscow
  • 02.04.2014

    Russian Film Festival in Strasburg
  • 31.03.2014

    “Russies étonNantes” paid their respects to Gosfilmofond of Russia
  • 31.03.2014

    Report on festival "KINO RUSSE" in Nantes
  • 27.03.2014

    Letter of appreciation from Martin Scorsese Foundation
  • 25.03.2014

    Museum of Gosfilmofond will be opened in July 2014
  • 25.03.2014

    Archive films can now be seen in the House of Books
  • 21.03.2014

    The opening of festival "Francophonie"
  • 19.03.2014

    Russian film festival in France
  • 11.03.2014

    The opening of the 5th Italian film festival "From Venice to Moscow"
  • 09.03.2014

    Emir Kusturica premiered "Mamaros" at "Illusion"
  • 01.03.2014

    Results of the festival "Belye Stolby 2014"
  • 26.02.2014

    IX International Orthodox Candlemas Movie Festival "Vstrecha"
  • 24.02.2014

    The opening of the festival "Belye Stolby 2014"
  • 07.02.2014

    Second regional festival of Russian schools in France will be held with the support of the Russian State Film Fund
  • 30.01.2014

    Festival of Russian films in Nantes
  • 28.01.2014

    Festival of Archival Films "Beliye Stolby 2014"
  • 21.01.2014

    Gratitude from Australian Cinémathèque
  • 19.12.2013

    Letter of Acknowledgement from Brazilian Media-Holding "MIR-Midia"
  • 18.12.2013

    Letter of Acknowledgement to Gosfilmofond from Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Austrian Republic
  • 16.12.2013

    Photo report from the last day of the Indian Film Festival in Moscow
  • 10.12.2013

    Indian Film Festival in Moscow
  • 09.12.2013

    Russian Film Week closed in Wien
  • 07.12.2013

    Premiere of Japanese Documentary "Sky drops: Yoshiko Tatsumi - Soup as the Elixir of Life"
  • 26.11.2013

    XX International Festival "Listopad" Kicks Off in Minsk
  • 21.11.2013

    Russian Film Week in Wien
  • 19.11.2013

    Russian Film Week Was Held in Marseille
  • 18.11.2013

    The Russia House in Nice celebrated the 400the Anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty
  • 07.11.2013

    Brisbane International Film Festival
  • 05.11.2013

    Nikolai Borodachev: 12 years at the wheel
  • 01.11.2013

    Letter of Gratitude from Lithuanian Film Centre
  • 29.10.2013

    Russian Film Week in France
  • 28.10.2013

    XX Minsk International Film Festival "Listopad"
  • 18.10.2013

    Moscow saw Lithuanian Cinema
  • 17.10.2013

    Forum "Friend Films" in Greece
  • 04.10.2013

  • 04.10.2013

    International scientific and training conference 'The Gosfilmofond of Russia as a research center of global cinematography, its history, modern age, and prospects.'
  • 24.09.2013

    The German Company
  • 21.09.2013

    Foreign delegation from the
  • 09.09.2013

    Soviet movie 'The Nail in the Boot' was screened at the International Film Festival in Norway
  • 02.09.2013

    In Magasa, there has been signed an agreement on cooperation between Ingushetia, the Filmmakers Union and the Gosfilmofond of the Russian federation.
  • 30.08.2013

    The film "My friend Ivan Lapshin" by Aleksey German-senior is going to take part in the 70th Venetian Film Festival
  • 28.08.2013

    The Gosfilmofond of Russia celebrated the Russian Cinema Day
  • 16.08.2013

    Nikolay Mikhailovitch Borodatchiov was awarded by the golden prize of independent mass-media Boccalino
  • 16.08.2013

    Russian cinema will be presented in France
  • 15.08.2013

    The Russian Cinema Festival will take place at the end of October
  • 14.08.2013

    In Greece there will be held a large-scale cinema event
  • 12.08.2013

    Weeks of Lithuanian cinema will take place in Moscow
  • 09.08.2013

    Festival of "Silent movies" in Norway
  • 08.08.2013

    The First International Film Festival of Short Movies "Open Place" in Latvia
  • 07.08.2013

    Locarno welcomes the Gosfilmofond
  • 16.07.2013

    Deepest sympathy on behalf of Cinematheque de Toulouse
  • 15.07.2013

    FIAF about Vladimir Yurievitch Dmitriev
  • 11.07.2013

    The farewell ceremony for Dmitriev Vladimir Yurievitch took place
  • 09.07.2013

    Necrologue for Vladimir Yurievitch Dmitriev
  • 04.07.2013

    Thanks for the wonderful film program of the "FESTIVAL OF RUSSIAN MOTION PICTURES IN NICE"
  • 02.07.2013

    PRESS-RELEASE on the results of the Festival "Provincial Russia"
  • 02.07.2013

    The closing press conference of the film festival "Provincial Russia"
  • 01.07.2013

    Demonstration of the non-competitive festival program of the 35th Moscow International Film Festival
  • 28.06.2013

    The opening ceremony of the homeland motion pictures festival "Provincial Russia"
  • 24.06.2013

    Presentation of the Gosfilmofond of Russia in Saransk
  • 20.06.2013

    From the 28th of June to 2nd of July 2013, there will be taking place the Open Film Festival "Provincial Russia"
  • 15.06.2013

    The opening ceremony of the film festival of the Gosfilmofond of Russia, dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the enthronement of the House of Romanov on the Russian Throne
  • 29.05.2013

    Presentation of the magazine "Laurels of the cinema"
  • 20.05.2013

    The festive evening dedicated to the Victory Day and the honouring of the film makers - veterans of the Great Patriotic War
  • 16.05.2013

    Cinema event in the city of Nice(France) dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the enthronement of the House of Romanov
  • 08.05.2013

    The public rally dedicated to the opening ceremony of the Monument to the Filmmakers who fell in the battles of the Great Patriotic War
  • 26.04.2013

    Awards to our writers
  • 26.04.2013

    An American delegation visits the Gosfilmofond of Russia
  • 25.04.2013

    A working visit of representatives of the Scorsese fund
  • 22.04.2013

    The film week "The Romanov dinasty and Russia" has started!
  • 12.04.2013

    This year is the year of the 65th anniversary from the date of foundation of the Gosfilmofond of Russia
  • 05.04.2013

    The pre-premiere screening of a new Russian movie in "Illusion" cinema theatre
  • 04.04.2013

    The awarding of the winners of the XI International Sport Film Festival "Krasnogorsky"
  • 04.04.2013

    The Russian Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (RAMPAS) has awarded its NIKA prize to DMITRIEV VLADIMIR YURIEVICH
  • 28.03.2013

    The great film event dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the accession of the House of Romanovy is planned to be conducted
  • 28.03.2013

    The Second Festival of Children Animation Craft "MultFEST" will be held from March 28 till March 31, 2013 in "Illusion" cinema theatre
  • 27.03.2013

    Children's Charity Film Festival in the city of Ryazan
  • 27.03.2013

    The premiere of a new historical and biographical film of the German moviemakers "Ludwig of Bavaria"
  • 22.03.2013

    The pre-premiere screening of historical film "Hunting the Princess. Part II" was held in "Illusion" cinema theatre
  • 18.03.2013

    On March 15, 2013 the outdoor festivities in honor of the beloved, fun and spring holiday Maslenitsa were held in Gosfilmfond of Russia.
  • 15.03.2013

    The Echoes of the Film Festival "Belie Stolby-2013" in the city of Ulyanovsk
  • 14.03.2013

    "The Firebird and the Snow Maiden" exhibition
  • 14.03.2013

    Animation in Hungary
  • 24.02.2013

    A friend of Gosfilmofond, Gerard Depardieu, has got his registration in Saransk
  • 23.02.2013

    Gerard Depardieu has attended the grand opening of Illusion cinema theatre
  • 14.02.2013

    On February 14 Gosfilmofond of Russia met the delegation from the Republic of Lithuania
  • 07.02.2013

    The echo of "Beliye Stolbi-2013" Film Festival
  • 02.02.2013

    The Festival of Archived Cinema
  • 01.02.2013

  • 31.01.2013

  • 30.01.2013

  • 29.01.2013

  • 28.01.2013

  • 28.01.2013

    17th Festival of Archival Films Beliye Stolby was opened

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